Mark's wave pictures are AMAZING! The clarity, the perspective, the details... absolutely incredible!

You know how you go into some galleries and you have to be talked into why something is good, you aren't sure what the artist was thinking and you need to be reassured it is good. With Mark's waves you need no reassurance. You know it is good without anyone having to tell you. You know, people capture nature, but Mark captures something our eyes can't see. We love your work!

-George from NM

It was love at first sight!

As soon as I saw your display, I knew I had to have one of these gorgeous shots.  The hard part was choosing which one!

Mark and Shayla were wonderful to deal with and helped with choose the right print and right size for our location. Their professionalism and enjoyment for their craft were obvious from the start. We are now the proud owners of a 6’ wide "Kihei Canoe Club".

To say the print is absolutely gorgeous is an understatement.  The quality is breathtaking!  I’m thrilled to have it hanging in our vacation rental where we can not only enjoy it ourselves, but share it with our guests for years to come. In fact, we were so pleased, we’re ordering another one."

-Barbara, Kihei, Maui

We want you to know how sooooooooooo very pleased we are with our BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for such treasures.  We can hardly wait to hang them in the beach house.  They are exquisite.  I looked up in the dictionary the word exquisite because I wanted to make sure I had spelled it correctly.

The definition is as follows: "marked by flawless craftsmanship or by beautiful, ingenious, delicate, or elaborate execution."  That about says it all in the case of your pictures.  You do such a wonderful job and we are so appreciative of your talent.  Thank you, thank you.  Have a wonderful day.  We hope to  see you again sometime."  

- The Morris'

She laughed so loud that the dog barked and then she cried. Tears of thanks.

Hi Mark and Shayla,

I received the parcel today. All is well, but the Canadian Customs opened it using a pry bar! It was then taped together, which of course was not holding when it was delivered. But everything is fine because of your great packaging!!

I have to thank you for the inspiring photographs. One can see the understanding and love you two have for the flora, fauna and landscapes you work with. The best part was when Marylou saw them.She laughed so loud that the dog barked and then she cried. Tears of thanks. Take Care"

- Dan, Minnesota

It has already arrived and it is perfect!

“I bought the turtle last Saturday. It has already arrived and it is perfect! We will get something again next time we come to Maui. Thank you very much."

-Walt, Mesa, AZ

As expected, everything turned out GREAT!

" I received the crate on Saturday. As expected, everything turned out GREAT! Thanks again for your beautiful work and the lasting memories we relive each time we gaze into each piece. Mahalo!!"

-Joyce, TN

...makes our house our home on Maui.

Having just purchased a home on Maui, we wanted our picture selection to also reflect the sites and beauty of Maui. We found that with Mark and Shayla's pictures.

The pictures are beautiful!

We love our "Ku'uipo (Sweetheart) Falls" and "Lani Ohe 'Heavenly Bamboo'" pics of Hana and the "Reflections" on Ka'anapali Beach which is close to where we live.

Thank you for such beautiful pictures which makes our house our home on Maui.

-Ken & Reiko, Maui

...hanging in that special spot where I will see it every day. It is beautiful.


Just wanted to say "Mahalo" for my picture that arrived yesterday.

I picked it up from the P.O. today and the lady was very excited to see a picture arrived from Hawaii. She even told me that instructions on how to open it correctly is on the box.

"Ho'omaikai (Gratitude)" is now hanging in that special spot where I will see it every day. It is beautiful. Thank you for packaging it so wonderful. Hope to see you next year. As ever grateful

- Tereska


"Hi, Mark,

I can't even imagine the details of what you did, but the RESULT is INCREDIBLE!

You're my HERO! - Dick


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More Information

Fine Art Prints on Canvas

Fine Art prints on canvas are gorgeous.
They are vibrant, textured and don't require framing or glass making them affordable with no 'glare'.

The response from our clients and those exploring our work has been amazing. When they see the texture, color and feel of the images it is nothing short of exciting.

One of the comments we hear most is that our images are like being there and how much they are enjoyed throughout the year while away from Hawaii.

When you take gorgeous, clear, colorful photographic images and print them on canvas you get a look and feel of a traditional painting, but even more stunning. What's the craze about this Gicle'e thing? First it's pronounced 'Gee'-'Clay' and it's a made up word. To see a full definiton you can check out WikiPedia's listing here at wiki, but in essence it is a term used to describe the process of 'spraying/printing ink on canvas or paper'.

Gicle'e prints are exploding in popularity, and for good reason. They offer the ability to put stunning, vibrant photographic images on traditional canvas to create a rich, texture and painting feel with even more beautiful scenes. You will get it when you see them in real life, good ones that is, and we've got them :) The process allows for printing photographs on an amazing array of media as well as canvas.

With our high quality, sharp images you will enjoy clarity and detail only mother nature can provide. Wait until you see these in real life! They are even better than what you can experience from this website.

Fine Art Giclee's are beautiful, clear, vibrant photographs, printed on canvas and wrapped tight around archival coated bars look fabulous. We use extra thick 1.75" stretcher bars and you'll appreciate how they stand out. We have the ability to frame the nicest of art and can do everything from a beautiful, yet econical floating frame or simple museum gallery wrap or we can produce the Koa frames with cloth wrapped fillets and an amazing dropped shadow feel. Canvas comes in many ways and provides a painting like feel to photographs.

The Fine Art printers we use at Window To Paradise make beautiful prints with detail and quality that is simply astounding. The canvas is then sprayed with a uv resistent coating to further lengthen life. We apply three coats to fully protect your art work.

Gallery Wrap

"Gallery Wrap" is that great looking presentation of fine art where the canvas is stretched around specially coated and designed stretcher bars and hung on the wall without glass or any additional frame.

We have the ability to print on a large variety of papers, canvas and other media. The most popular by far is the Gallery Wrapped, Fine Art Giclee prints which is the name of the process to print ink on specially treated, acid free, museum quality canvas.

The inks we use are made from real pigment ink, the same as used by the classic painters such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh. We use Gesso coated 100 year archival rates bars with stainless steel staples and hanging hardware.

Canvas Giclee prints do not require the normal layer of glass to protect the image from fading.  Instead, we use an environmentally friendly, super coating that locks in the ink and protects it from the Sun's UV rays and moisture as well.


Your fine art giclee canvas from Window To Paradise is produced with the highest quality archival inks and a fierce dedication to excellence. We do all canvas prints in-house to ensure it's done right, every time. We stretch each piece on a custom built frame and hand stretch them so the edges of the mirror gallery wrap will match the edge of the frame. The corners will be tight and beautiful, the back is covered with foam core and professional.  We use stainless steel staples and hardware to prevent rusting in tropical salt air environments.

  • Artwork purchased from this website come directly from Window To Paradise and satisfaction is guaranteed upon delivery.
  • Archival pigment inks are used for brilliant life-like colors and long lasting images.  Best life of images is behind glass, but these prints can hold up several years to even outdoor hot conditions like Kihei and Lahaina Maui.
  • Canvas prints are multi-coated with a UV protective and water resistant coating for protection and easy damp cloth cleaning.

Custom Mockups

Can't decide what is the perfect size for your chosen wall? We will 'mock up' your favorite image in your space so you can be sure you pick the right dimensions for your room. Nothing beats seeing a piece visually in your chosen space. All it takes is a snap shot of your space and we will do the rest! We provide mock ups free of charge for orders over $500.

With Mark's professional expertise in real estate photography, you will be amazed at how he can prepare your snapshot for receiving a mock up. So realistic and ensures you get the 'look' you are after. It is helpful to send images that include the entire wall and any furniture in the room for a greater sense of how the space will feel with the proposed artwork.

If you can't get the whole room in the picture, don't worry, multiple images can be stitched and made into one seamless image in our digital 'darkroom' for a good representative 'mock-up'.

Please include measurements from floor to ceiling and a couple lengths of furniture in the photograph and we'll use special measurement software to provide accurate measurements and options for your fine art giclee. We will provide you with several choices so you are sure to love your new space!

Who We Are

Window to Paradise is a Fine Art Photography company owned and operated by husband and wife team Mark and Shayla Middleton to share the Beauty and Magic of Maui, HI and beyond…

The signature clarity and vibrancy of Mark and Shayla's images often make folks gasp.

"Wow! I feel like I am there!"

Passionate for mother nature, the great outdoors and Maui with all the glorious vistas, flora and creatures that live there, Shayla and Mark bring you evocative imagery that awakens your Heart, your Joy, and perhaps even your favorite Tropical memory...

Mark and Shayla specialize in gorgeous, large sized, fine art images with amazing clarity, vibrancy and composition. They manage quality closely from conception to the photo shoots, 'digital dark room' processing and fine art printing, coating and gallery wrap stretching their giclee canvas prints for outstanding results.

All work by Window To Paradise is guaranteed for quality and satisfaction. Mark and Shayla stand behind their work and have for years. You will find that care and maintenance of a properly made print is very easy. Durable enough for high use areas such as hotel rooms, offices, stores and lobbies but beautiful enough for the absolute finest homes and discerning clients. Cleaning is done with a simple damp cloth or simple paper towel.

Additional Services

We offer many services and products through our Window To Paradise website. Explore the possibilities, including fine art canvas giclées, dye infused aluminum metal prints, canvas stretching and float framing as well as custom made, glassed in surfboards.

Our various partners, galleries and gift shops offer additional items such as calendars, coasters, greeting cards and even Maui Scenic T-Shirts. While the website always seems to be a work in progress, we invite you to use our contact form for questions or additional information. Or, call Shayla at (808) 344-3533 for orders or purchases, or message us on Facebook.


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